I Was a Rat!, or The Scarlet Slippers


Philip Pullman’s spin-off from ‘Cinderella’ is a very funny tale of page boy Roger, who turns up announced on the night time doorstep of a cobbler and his wife, claiming to have been a rat, before being changed into a boy. Roger’s introduction to human civilization provides much of the humour, as does the use of pages from the ‘Daily Scourge’ a scandal-sheet tabloid that allows the author to poke fun at the media, and society’s attitudes to celebrity and headlines.

Philip Pullman is one of our very best writers; his ‘Dark Materials’ trilogy is rightly regarded as an unparalleled classic. ‘I Was a Rat!, or The Scarlet  Slippers‘ is much lighter in tone, hilarious, and will delight child and adult readers. https://bookwagon.co.uk/2017/01/24/i-was-a-rat/

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I Was a Rat!, or The Scarlet Slippers

Philip Pullman

(Random House)

‘I Was a Rat!, or The Scarlet Slippers’ is a ‘what happened next’ story. So, what happened next to the footman who did not hear the clock striking midnight, urging Cinderella home from the ball?


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