I Was Made For You


‘Why was I made?‘ Cat enquires of Mummy, the darkness, Door, the wind, river, stairs, snow, stars and sun. Everyone has a different answer. Cat continues to investigate, unravelling answers, seeking truths. The label announcing ‘Daisy’ around his knitted neck doesn’t offer any clues. Cat isn’t called ‘Daisy’!

‘I Was Made For You’ is a story of devotion, purpose and love. It is a perfect story to read at bedtime. Bookwagon suggests it is a title bound to become a favourite. The limited colour palette, wide eyes and approachable interpretation of the characters encourage engagement. ‘I Was Made For You’ is a truly lovely book to share.


I Was Made For You

David Lucas

(Andersen Press)– hardback

‘Why was I made?‘ Cat asks Mummy, the Darkness, the Door. Nobody seems to answer. So Cat sets off to explore. ‘I Was Made For You’ is Cat’s search for answers, through steps, snow, wind, river, trees and sun. What will he discover?


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