I Yam a Donkey!


‘I yam a Donkey!’ hee-haws Donkey. Yam isn’t having any of that! He is determined to correct Donkey’s grammar. ‘The proper way to say that is, ‘I AM a donkey‘. Donkey gets the wrong end of the stick. ‘You is a donkey too?’

So Yam’s grammar lesson with a confused and sceptical Donkey begins. ‘You is silly!’ he tells Yam, ‘First you say, ‘I yam a donkey.’ The you say, ‘I yam a yam. Yam won’t quit, Repetition, face off time, grammar flash cards and vegetable reinforcements are in order. Will Yam win out? Will Donkey convert to correct grammar?

‘I Yam a Donkey’ sustains interest throughout the story. We want to know how things will end. Cece Bell’s bold, comic book style pictures, with big-toothed, donkey and red, cross Yam, add to the delight. We recommend ‘I Yam a Donkey’ to our readers, recognising its appeal to all ages.

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I Yam a Donkey!

Cece Bell

(Andersen Press)

You is a donkey too? You is a funny-looking donkey!’/ No, I am a yam.‘ The problem is evident in ‘I Yam a Donkey’. Repeated misunderstanding, growing frustration and fun grow. It culminates in a totally unexpected conclusion that is hugely satisfying for us, and for donkey!
This ‘wonky donkey’ is worth investigating. Cece Bell has created an arch and amusing character in donkey. We do not expect his motive. We enjoy Yam’s urgent grammar lessons with his vegetable friends. Though grammatically incorrect, his bold, black outline drawing, and hee-hawing are outrageous fun!


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