Icarus Was Ridiculous


Izzy is really taken with the Greek Myths. She sees parallels in the stories with the behaviour of her friends. She’s certain that Gary Petrie’s apology gift to Jodi is fake. She shares the story of the Trojan Horse, in her own way, with both of them.

‘Icarus Was Ridiculous‘ Izzy considers, when she tells Zach that refusing to go to the toilet, despite his obvious need, is reminiscent of Icarus’s irresponsibility. Will her warning have the desired effect? Will Miss Jones delay the start of the outing to the British Museum to accommodate Zach?

Izzy’s versions of the Greek Myths are dramatic, slightly askew, entertaining and well intended. She holds her audience’s attention. It proves that when you’re so engaged with your subject, you have the audience in your hands!

Readers who love classic stories, character-filled stories, or funny stories, will love ‘Icarus Was Ridiculous’. 


Icarus Was Ridiculous

Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Thomas Flintham

(Nosy Crow)

A visit to the British Museum inspires Izzy. Suddenly she sees parallels with the Greek Myths in the actions of her friends and classmates. For example, she recognises Icarus (not Icabus) in Zach’s denial he needs to go to the toilet before getting on the coach. He’s drunk copious amounts of tea! Can’t he learn from Icarus’s example? Zach, like Jodi and Maisie and Gary, is certain to learn from her stories. Isn’t he?
We love Pamela Butchart’s creations such as Wigglesbottom Primary: The Classroom Cat. We can imagine her wildly exaggerated characters. I see Izzy, hands on hips before a bewildered audience. Could Jodi’s obsessive selfie- taking be similar to Narcissus’s story? It seems like Gary Petrie’s ‘fake gift’ to Jodi is reminiscent of the Trojan Horse! Thereafter Izzy suggests that Gary’s poor judging at the talent contest is similar to King Midas’s donkey ears’ story!
The writer prefaces each of Izzy’s retellings with a cast of characters, and the source of the story if known. However, the stories are Izzy’s own- dramatic, entertaining, personable and wonderful. Welcome aboard ‘Icarus Was Ridiculous’. 



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