If It’s Christmas and You Know It


If it’s Christmas and You Know It, you need to pick a tree. In fact, by pushing and pulling the sliders, you can choose your Christmas tree and sing along too! What’s more, on the next double page, you’ve a cake to bake, and then an oven to check upon, again by pushing and pulling the sliders

Who could that be at the door? Could it be a caroller? What about singing along, too! In fact, there’s a song to sing, with a familiar refrain, throughout this active book for newer readers. Then again, there are so many sights and experiences familiar to young readers that occur traditionally at Christmas. In fact, it even concludes with three sliders and gifts!

Bookwagon loves the careful storytelling, the familiar refrain, and then the masterful picture making of If it’s Christmas and You Know It. We suggest this is a  superb choice to read, share, get to know and sing along with at Christmas or any time!

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If It’s Christmas and You Know It

Katrina Charman and Angie Rozelaar

(Nosy Crow)

Katrina Charman‘s Car, Car, Truck, Jeep is a favourite title with readers, one that can be sung, recalled and enjoyed constantly. It seems the writer has arrived with another instant classic with If It’s Christmas and You Know It. Not only do we have a familiar tune, adapted to a Yuletide purpose, but then we’ve rhyme and interaction with the song.
Thereafter, we’re invited to pick a tree at first. What’s more, Angie Rozelaar has created this as an activity book, with sliders to push and pull. So which tree will you choose?
Then again, we’ve a cake to bake! In fact, we can push the slider up and pull it down to check on the cake’s progress! However it seems there’s someone at the door? Who’s singing a song? We pull back the door to discover…. a caroller! However, Bookwagon suggests that the favourite page might be the conclusion, wherein we’ve three sliders to operate, revealing the gathered party’s gifts!
Bookwagon loves If It’s Christmas and You Know It. In fact, we recommend this as a superb gift for very new readers, one to sing along to, interact and then know well.


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