If Our World Were 100 Days


If Our World Were 100 Days cleverly and succinctly compresses the human history of earth.  Over 10,000 years ago marks a major turning point in the history of life on Earth for humankind as people began to build homes, towns and cities. Importantly, during this period, they began to record their activities and achievements.

But 10,000 years ago is difficult to imagine – what if our calendar were condensed into just 100 days?  This book imagines that each day equals 100 years.  How many days ago were the first cities built? When did the population explosion happen? When did we begin to write things down and when did books appear? Did writing change the way we share ideas?

When was the wheel invented and was then used for transport? How did this simple tool transform the way we live? How have clothes changed and have they changed for the better? Has the way we treat ailments changed much?

These are just some of the questions posed and answered in this latest edition of the terrific award-winning series.

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If Our World Were 100 Days

Jackie McCann, illustrated by Aaron Cushley

(Red Shed)

If Our World Were 100 Days is a thought-provoking journey through the human history of our planet. There are over 10,000 years of humans living on Earth, but it’s tricky to imagine such a long period of time.   What this terrific book achieves is to imagine this whole time compressed into 100 days.  Furthermore, human history is broken down into themes, such as communication, health and exploration, as we’ve into the key events and developments that have shaped our world.
Here readers can discover how humans have shaped and changed the world around us.  How have we progressed from studying the stars to sending humans and rockets into space?  Moreover, how have our clothes changed over time?  What has happened to the homes we live in or how medicine has transformed our lives?  This book answers all of these questions and more, by breaking down big ideas into bitesize chunks through clever and amusing illustration and graphic design.
This is the latest in an excellent award-winning series by author Jackie McCann and illustrator Aaron Cushley.  Bookwagon is so pleased to stock all of this series that starts with If The World Were 100 People


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