If the World Were 100 People


If the World Were 100 People, how many would have clean water? Thereafter, how many of that village would live in safe homes? Would there be enough food to go around? Thereafter, is it possible that there is food going to waste that could feed the eleven of the hundred who are hungry?

We compare the people within a global village of one hundred. Thereafter, we learn that the most common hair colour is black, while the least common eye colour is green (like Mrs Bookwagon).

What of contemporary concerns such as our energy? How much of the ‘energy used by everyone on the planet comes from fossil fuels’? Furthermore, how many people amongst our hundred ‘are connected to the internet’?

Bookwagon is enthralled by this research, which is presented so actively and positively by Jackie McCann and Aaron Cushley. We suggest that If the World Were 100 People is an ideal title to share and compare at home and in school.

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If the World Were 100 People

Jackie McCann and Aaron Cushley

(Red Shed)

Let’s explore the glow in numbers by considering If the World Were 100 People. Thereafter, we need to imagine the world is a village. It seems that within that village there would be fifty men and fifty women. However, the most rare combination of hair and eye colour would be red hair and blue eyes! We’re most likely to find that combination in Scotland.
Thereafter, while only one of our hundred lives in Oceania, sixty would live in Asia. While seventeen would speak Chinese, two would speak Japanese. However, ‘English is the most widely spoken second language in the world’. 
The information continues, through water supply and literacy. Did you know that while fourteen of our one hundred cannot read and write, two hundred years ago ‘only 12 people over the age of 15 COULD read and write’!
Jackie McCann’s information is fascinating; it makes us want to research further and then share what we learn. Then again, we appreciate the active, colourful pictures of Aaron Cushley in books such as How Many Mice Make an Elephant? and The Big Beyond.
If the World Were 100 People is a superb information picture book to learn from, share and discuss. It dips into global politics, equality, the movement of people and DNA. Bookwagon is absorbed and enthralled by this non-fiction title.


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