If You See a Lion


You had better take a close look If You See a Lion. It may be something else in a disguise, maybe wearing a pirate hat. Furthermore, you’d better check about you for the missing oompah band. Thereafter, you may become aware of other absences, such a the penguin, troll, wizard or dinosaur. Then there’s the chunk bitten out of the book, the unicorn licked from the rainbow, and the teeth marks gnawed into the mountain. Are you afraid? It seems like this lion will stop at nothing.

Yet, who’s that? Little Rabbit? It seems he’s going to hold this lion to account! He declares ‘You gobbled up my friends, but I’ve come to get them out!’ Oh dear! We dread to see what happens next…. We know what Lion is like after all, for we’ve witnessed the damage. However, maybe there’s something more going on. For, who is this lion?

If You See a Lion is a thought-provoking, intelligent picture book all about being true to ourselves. We may feel as though we need to behave in a certain way, yet isn’t it better to ‘be your own kind of cat’? The one of a kind kind of cat? It is likely make us happier! What subtle storytelling and clear headed, tender and inclusive pictures. Bookwagon recommends this charming, necessary picture book to readers at home and school.

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If You See a Lion

Karl Newson and Andrea Stegmaier

(Words & Pictures)

If You See a Lion check out his disguise. Don’t forget that he’s ‘dashing, charming, gentle, fun‘. Thereafter look around. Can you see the story book all about the Fearsome Lion? Furthermore, what about the ‘TOOT-ing oompah band‘? Otr maybe a penguin, a troll, a pirate, a wizard or a dinosaur? What is going on? Could there be a lion in the book, or might it be a pirate’s hat disguise? Who is nibbling the forest, swallowing the river or chewing a mountain peak? Who might be behaving this way, and why?
Is anyone going to call out the interloper in this picture book? Surely not ‘little rabbit’. It seems that the he’s risking being made into a snack and yet he’s brave enough to stand up to the bully and demand he takes a pull on himself. What is the story of the King?
Karl Newson’s If You See a Lion is a truly beautiful book about valuing the person you are inside, whatever. Disguises are all very well and good, but trying to live up to who you think you should be? It only makes you ‘pop’ in the end. There is something nostalgic in Andrea Stegmaier’s pictures which are so symbolically shaped, coloured and sequenced. Bookwagon recommends If You See a Lion as a splendid read aloud, a title to be read, discussed and realised.


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