I’ll Love You…


‘I’ll Love You…‘ till the cows come home, the yaks come back, the frogs ride past! A cacophony of animals wheel, spin and fly past in this wildly exuberant avowal of love!

Beautifully overlaid pictures, full of detail, emphasise the commotion of intent! Descriptive rhymes, ever more illustrious, conclude in a ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ like declaration.

I love the humour, and creativity and richness of the rhyme and theme. ‘I’ll Love You…‘ would be an ideal book for a new baby,  to share with a young child, to give the one you love. It fits its purpose so beautifully and richly.

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I’ll Love You…

Kathryn Cristaldi and Kristyna Litten

(Andersen Press)

I’ll Love You…’ till the cows come home. ‘I’ll Love You…’ till the frogs ride past, the geese flap down, and? How long will you love me? Join a gentle, wildly imaginative, rhyming lullaby and find out. ‘I’ll Love You…’ invites a host of animals in an exuberant range of transport, to emphasise the might and certainty of being loved.


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