From the team behind the illustrated Artemis Fowl novels, comes a memorable graphic novel, with outstanding art work by Giovanni Rigoni.

Illegal’ tells the story of Ebo. It explains his circumstances before his epic, hazardous journey across desert and sea, through cities and emptiness. Ebo is filled with hope of a new life and a determined reunion with his older brother and sister who have travelled ahead.  ‘Illegal‘ is beautifully told. It does not shy away from tragedy and loss, but shines with Ebo’s indefatigable spirit , searching for his brother and sister against insurmountable odds.

The story of Ebo’s journey is a work of fiction, but as the authors state in a compelling post-script, every separate element of it is true. In the epilogue, a ‘real-life’ ‘Illegal’ refugee recounts her own compelling story of migration to Britain. For more, turn to:- Stormy Seas



Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, illustrated by Giovanni Rigano

(Hodder Children’s Books) – hardback

Illegal’ is a sumptuously illustrated and quite exceptional graphic novel, drawn straight from the news headlines. It tells of one young boy’s epic and hazardous journey towards a new life.  ‘Illegal’ pulls no punches in its storytelling, for it is a marvellous and compelling read recommended to readers aged from 10 or 11 years of age. 


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