I’m Sticking With You Too


Could it be that Chicken might break up the perfect duo? Or is it really breaking up? Bear’s insistent that two is a perfect number, a perfect fit. After all, he and Squirrel play perfect music together. Yet Chicken is insistent until Bear instructs ‘you don’t have the rhythm,/ you don’t have the beat.// Plus…./ Your strut’s out of step,/ your cluck’s MUCH too loud…’ 

It seems that Chicken has to sling her hook, or maybe her drum kit? What will she find if she follows an advertisement for musicians (chickens only). It’s a sign, isn’t it? A sign of….

Yet might there be an ember of conscience with Bear and Squirrel, something that urges them to call ‘that’s our Chick’ and thereafter find a way to make Three fit? Could it be that ‘Three means don’t worry, we’ve got your back’. It might be ‘messy‘ but there’s ‘style’ and ‘flair’ in this pack. Thereafter, it might seem that these three could ‘fit together like beats in a drum‘. Thereafter, they could declare, I’m Sticking with You Too. 

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I’m Sticking With You Too

Smriti Halls and Steve Small

‘WE fit together, just me and you’, yet what if there’s a third egg in the equation, somebody else? Could it be that they suggest I’m Sticking With You Too? Might it be that Bear and Squirrel tell Chicken to ‘please go away’ Then again, is joining in their playing really up to Bear only? Is it, as he says, that he ‘would say yes…. but Squirrel says NO!’
Thereafter, would it not seem that this might put off a Chicken? Surely she’d not think to offer a ‘cup of tea’? What if Chicken was told that their ‘strut’s out of step‘ and ‘cluck’s MUCH too loud‘. It seems that while two is perfect, ‘three is a crowd’! Will Chicken pack her bag and find ‘its own crowd’?
Smriti Halls and Steve Smallman awarding wining I’m Sticking With You is a warm-hearted triumph. Here our beloved pair remind us of their bond, yet it seems to come at some expense. Are they prepared to isolate Chicken? Then again, who might Chicken be forced to ‘play‘ with…
While Bear and Squirrel reassure each other ‘that three doesn’t fit’, there might be some spark that offers them a moment to realise that ‘two can be good but three can be better‘. Can’t it?
Alongside Smriti Hall’s outstanding rhyming text, that never loses its meaning for the sake of the couplet, Steve Smallman offers expressive, dramatic pictures. Bookwagon loves the framing, from Bear’s overwhelming size, the Chicken’s realisation of the musicians he’s teamed up with …
This is a superb picture book, one to read and enjoy together, at home and school, know, share and love.


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