I’m the Biggest


‘I’m the Biggest‘ declares Simon in defiance that ‘silly baby’ Caspar has grown three centimetres compared to his one centimetre. Simon is a champion. He answers his father ‘No way‘ when told to behave, and suffers the consequence.

What happens when Simon is asked to watch his little brother in the park? ‘There’s so much going on in the park.’ Will Simon play with Caspar, include him in a game of football or tell him to ‘Get lost.‘ What happens if Caspar is in danger?

While there’s a moral message in this truly enjoyable picture book, it’s handled authentically. Stephanie Blake endears Simon and Caspar and their setting with realism, despite bunny features and the comic-style creation. These siblings are recognisable, as is the park crisis. Furthermore, there is humour in the story, from Simon’s indignation at Caspar’s growth, his football power surge and  his reaction to Caspar’s predicament. I love the way we see his feelings evolve at this moment- ‘No one touches MY little brother!’

We are delighted to welcome ‘I’m the Biggest’ to Bookwagon. This will not be the last of  this series by American born, French domiciled Stephanie Blake to be welcomed aboard.


I’m the Biggest

Stephanie Blake

(Gecko Press)

‘It’s time for Simon and Caspar to be measured.’ While each has grown, Caspar has grown the most. Their mother explains, ‘You’ve grown one centimetre but Caspar has grown THREE centimetres.‘I’m the Biggest’ considers Simon, ‘No way.
It’s ‘No Way’ for the number of pancakes Simon receives compared to Caspar. Thereafter, it’s ‘No way‘ when Simon’s reprimanded for his poor manners. In his room, Simon considers his feelings for ‘silly baby’ Caspar. What will happen when he’s asked to look after Caspar in the park? Can Simon prove ‘I’m the Biggest’ and look out for his little brother? Will he prove himself a champion?
‘I’m the Biggest‘ is part of a series of Gecko Press titles featuring Simon and Caspar.  Dick Bruna/ Matt Groening reminiscent pictures emphasise attitude and action, e.g., in the park we watch Simon play football through a sequence, ending in an aside, ‘You’re the heaviest’. We read feelings and focus clearly in the characters’ depictions. This is a title that is guaranteed to be enjoyed repeatedly by readers of all ages.


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