Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon


Ahead of Apollo 11’s successful mission to enable the first human footsteps on the Moon, there were many other missions and much preparation. In Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon, Caryn Jenner counts down to this monumental twentieth century event.

Therefore, we are reacquainted with the space breaking Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gargarin, first man in space, and ValentinaTereshkova who orbited our planet 48 times. What’s more, we learn about why the space race was so important- and continues to be significant to us.

We read of the Apollo 11 astronauts, their backgrounds and why they, specifically were selected for this mission. What’s more, we consider how it felt for Michael Collins, all alone in space as Armstrong and Aldrin took the first steps… What of the crew who plotted and planned, mapped and prepared? There were thousands tasked with making this mission successful. What’s more, there had been earlier missions that were the groundwork for this; some unsuccessful.

Caryn Jenner’s research is exceptional. She integrates information with real life newspaper clippings and photographs, interviews and anecdotal facts and diagrams. Bookwagon recommends Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon to our readers.

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Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon

Caryn Jenner

(Pan Macmillan)

History tells us how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people to walk on the moon. Meanwhile, Michael Collins circuited its orbit in the Command and Service Module, in the ‘vast emptiness’ of space. Yet what led to this moment? Caryn Jenner asks us to Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon.
Thereafter, she sets the scene for us. It means that we learn what the space race meant to the super powers of the USSR and the USA. We’re reminded of the ‘changing world‘ from the Civil Rights’ movement to the Vietnam war. Then again, we are introduced to those who explored ahead of the Apollo 11 crew, including Soviets, Yuri Gargarin and Valentina Tereshkova. What’s more, this cosmonaut ‘orbited Earth 48 times’ (in 1963)!
It seems there were earlier missions, all without the advantages of modern technology. However, ‘Apollo 7 orbited the Earth continuously for 11 days’, while ‘Apollo 8 made the first manned orbit of the Moon’.
Caryn Jenner is able to inform as well as entertain. We realised this with another title, Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women.
Alongside a really informative, gripping text, the writer includes photographs, anecdotal information, diagrams and news reports. Somehow this level of research builds our interest and understanding further. It lead to this bookseller sharing a lot of forgotten or new information with the other bookseller! Bookwagon recommends Imagine You Were There… Walking on the Moon to our readers.


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