Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women


Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women is more than a timeline of voting rights around the world. Furthermore, it does not focus exclusively upon the Suffragettes, although their story is explained very well.

Rather, Caryn Jenner takes a global view of women’s voting rights from New Zealand in 1893, to the inclusion of Maori women. We read of  the variances of voting rights and  the trailblazers who have fought this issue. Alongside the global view, we learn of individual women like Hubertine Auclert. Her refusal to pay taxes and attempt to stand for public office, initiated France’s battle for voting rights. What’s more, we discover the repercussions. Therefore, we learn of the drastic punishment meted out to the Suffragettes, alongside Doria Shafik’s hunger strikes. She ‘led a generation of women’s suffrage campaigners in Egypt’ which ‘helped Egyptian women win the vote in 1956′.

However the writer makes it clear that the struggle for equality continues in voting rights and thereafter in issues such as employment and education. What’s more she considers how gender equality is often considered instead of or alongside women’s rights. Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women is a thoroughly fascinating, informative and beautifully produced book that Bookwagon recommends for schools and home.

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Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women

Read about the fight of women pioneers around the world

Caryn Jenner


Caryn Jenner seems to take a subject of interest and investigate it so thoroughly that readers might fully understand it. It seems that we stand within Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women, a worthy step on from Make More Noise!
Women’s votes were won first by New Zealand, thanks to ‘nearly one- third of the country’s population‘ signing a petition that was passed to parliament. What’s more this vote included the same rights for Maori people, too. However, we compare this victory to other countries, where even now, a woman’s voting right is denied.
Thereafter, what does it mean and why does it matter? Alongside a timeline of voting equality, the author includes information such as biographies of notable suffragists around the world. Furthermore, we read of the variety of methods used to win equal voting rights. We are dismayed by the retaliation used against those trailblazers who sought this right.
Thereafter, we learn about further struggles, including how the fight continues for voting rights in the Middle East and inequality issues within business and politics. What’s more we see how a seemingly liberal country such as the United States, has still not fully ratified its Equal Rights Amendment
Within this superb book is a Hall of Fame and a glossary of terms included. What’s more, there’s such a broad global view of this issue that we are thoroughly informed and motivated! Bookwagon recommends Imagine You Were There… Winning the Vote for Women, for reading at home and school.


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