Impossible Creatures


There is very little time for Christopher to collect himself after he discovers the strange flying girl fighting off the Murderer. He barely has a moment before he’s diving headlong into the Archipelago, a land of Impossible Creatures, However, it seems that these creatures are under a huge, unknown and deadly threat. Is it possible for Mal, the girl, and Christopher to escape the murderer and thereafter discover the truth of this threat?

It might mean stowing away on the boat of a Berserker? It could mean putting their trust in a woman of undefinable riches. Then again, it will mean defying attacks at every quarter, including from fortune tellers, vile karkaddans, while protecting the most vulnerable and unique animal of all.

However, all of this might reveal truths that are almost unimaginable. Are Mal and Christopher prepared to throw in their lot together to fight to their very last breath… to save this wonderful world and thereafter our own?

Impossible Creatures is borne from the writer’s own love and research of John Donne, her unquenchable knowledge of myths and legends, while being peppered with considerations of Creation and the environment. Bookwagon is bowled over by this book. Even sharing it, bookseller to bookseller, this reader was emotional. We cannot recommend Impossible Creatures highly enough. It is outstanding.

Winner of the Books are My Bag award; The Times Children’s Book of the Week; The Independent Children’s Book of the Week; The Daily Telegraph Children’s Book of the Week; Sunday Times Bestseller; Waterstones’ Book of the Year

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Impossible Creatures

Katherine Rundell


When Christopher is forbidden from venturing ‘beyond the ridge of trees at the top of the hill‘ his curiosity is piqued. It’s not only what might lie there, but the strangeness of his situation, staying with a grandfather he barely knows. Then again, Christopher is used to strangeness. After all, isn’t he followed by animals constantly? However, what he discovers is beyond anything he might ever imagine. It seems he’s about to dive into a world of Impossible Creatures.
Katherine Rundell reveals the world of the Archipelago into which Christopher dives, following Mal, the strange flying girl who’s appeared in our world, in search of safety. However, why does the Murderer seek her? Then again, who has sent him? It seems that Mal and Christopher must embark upon a quest. Somehow, in discovering his role, Christopher’s destined to support Mal. Thereafter, why there is such a stench of dying and fear amongst the exotic animals of the Archipelago? Furthermore, how has anything managed to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Immortal?
Throughout this outstanding novel, we traverse legend, myth, tradition, belief and rumour. We’re guided by a Ratatoska, such as we encountered in The Unmorrow Curse. We speak with Nereids and solve riddles posed by Sphinx. Then again, we nestle close to the most rare and vulnerable creature of all….
Bookwagon cannot find enough praise for Impossible Creatures. It is magnificent, a book that every adult, alongside every child, MUST read.


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