Impossible Inventions Ideas that Shouldn’t Work


Impossible Inventions‘ includes twenty eight relatively unknown inventions from history to current day, from a range of creators and countries. The range of ideas is huge as are the inspirations behind them. We learn of ┬átransport involving air, rail, steam and cats! We learn of flying dragons, giant, plodding steam engines and candle power air machines. Candles were included in designs considered to tell the time; time and weather feature frequently also.

This unique collection is wonderful, diverse and fascinating. Some had me laughing out loud. Others had me awed and amazed, while a few left me worried for the inventor, test pilot or spectators!

We love this ‘Impossible Inventions‘. We recommend it to all readers who love dreaming and are open to possibilities. Those who enjoy history, engineering, space, geography, science or numbers and opportunities offered through reading will love ‘Impossible Inventions‘.


Impossible Inventions

Ideas That Shouldn’t Work

Matgorzata Mycielska and Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski

(Gecko Press)- hardback

From concentration helmets to robotic chess masters, the team that brought the international award winning ‘Maps’ have collected a selection of inventions. Each idea is described in words and pictures. Complex diagrams are followed by a comic impression of the reaction the project might have produced. ‘Impossible Inventions‘ is fascinating, funny and inspiring. We are proud to recommend and sell this unique title, ideal for all dreamers, schemers and thinkers.


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