In Blossom


‘In Blossom’ Cat sits beneath the tree to enjoy her picnic. She is inspired by the sun twinkling day. Dog follows the billowing breeze, walking to the same bench, to wile away time with a book. The two continue their individual  idylls in companionable silence until a single pink petal blows from the tree onto Cat’s nose. ‘Tickle’. ‘Sniff’. ‘Poof!’ Cat catapults the petal to Dog’s nose. The silence is broken. This is the day to exalt ‘In Blossom’, with a companion, and to share lunch, sun and the breeze.

Matte white pages, with beautifully drawn images of cat and dog, are lit by pink, foil tipped blossom. ‘In Blossom’ is a truly beautiful book. I suggest it is a title to be read and lingered over, and loved. ‘In Blossom’ is an ideal gift for a child, a gardener, or somebody special. While it is inspired by the South East Asian delight in the blossom season, there is much more offered. We experience the wonder of seasons and the realisation of sharing and friendship, observed in the two main characters’ experiences.

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In Blossom

Yooju Cheon

Translated from Korean by Okkyun Choi

(Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)– hardback

It was a sun twinkling day, just perfect for picnic, thought Cat. It was a breeze-blowing day, so right for a walk and a read, thought Dog. What happens when the two plans collide? When discreet good manners are interrupted by a world ‘In Blossom’?


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