In Darkling Wood


When circumstances force Alice to stay with her estranged grandmother Nell in the Somerset countryside, she is unprepared for the discoveries she will make. These begin with the mystery surrounding her grandmother and father’s fractured relationship and her new rural setting. Then again their are warnings of her neighbour, Flo, and the threat to Darkling Wood. Furthermore, there’s the startling history of her new home-. It seems that everything is ripe for Alice’s desperate revelation….

All the while, Alice waits and worries about her brother, just as another sister living In Darkling Wood, worried about her brother many years before.

Emma Carroll creates compelling, urgent stories that include confidently integrated historical events and considerations. Bookwagon loves her books and recommends them highly to all its readers.

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In Darkling Wood

Emma Carroll

(Faber & Faber)

Not long ago, I thought fairies didn’t exist…..

Alice is in limbo. She is forced to stay In Darkling Wood with her unfamiliar rural Somerset grandmother. Furthermore, neither this grandmother nor her father will explain why they are estranged. How could she be left with a remote stranger? In addition, Alice is worried about her younger brother. How on earth can she be expected to accept this new and hostile setting?
As she explores the wood’s boundaries, further  curiosities appear. For example, who is the girl in the cloak who seems set upon being her friend. It seems that not many other people are aware of her. Furthermore, this girl is keen to share the threat to the wood’s existence. What is the story of this place? Then again, what is her grandmother’s knowledge of the threat and then the girl?
Might it be that Alice’s concern for her brother could be mirrored by another? Is it possible there was a girl in the same setting some time ago?   It seems the wood’s the centre of a battle between her grandmother, local people, present,  past, reality-  and fairies….
Emma Carroll is a sure handed, compelling writer. Her historical themes integrate certainly with contemporary concerns. We love exploring her worlds in novels such as The Somerset Tsunami. Thereafter, we recommend In Darkling Wood highly, to our committed, enquiring readers.


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