In the City


When Oscar and Lucy travel to the city, they use a map and take the train. Readers are invited to journey with them, so as to  explore In the City. What might they see in the windows of the tall buildings? What are people doing? Look at the window cleaners!

Who is in the park? Can you join a picnic? See the bridges over the river? Take a boat journey? What about the shops? There are fish stalls and toy shops, theatres and bookshops. We look at the different people, taking in the tourists  alongside those who work In the City.

There is so much to see and realise over so many readings of this superb book. It is reminiscent of Each Peach Pear Plum, although with brighter, pop art style colours. Holly James’ directive texts and questions accompany Hannah Tolson’s vibrant pictures perfectly.

In the City is a thoroughly enjgrossing book outing for young readers!


In the City

A Look and Find Story

Holly James and Hannah Tolson


What amazing things will you find In the City today? Oscar and Lucy have a map and head to the train station. There is so much to see as we start off, from the train driver to the information board. The train travels into the city where we move along to the museum. It seems like there are so many interesting things to discover, including dinosaurs and sculptures. As we explore the city, we notice traffic lights, vehicles and police officers. What else might be seen? What if we travel up and up into a very tall building? Let’s look out over the city through office windows, to cranes and plants and pets! Thereafter, we can tour a park, the river, shops and bridges, until it’s home time.
Rather like Migloo’s Day, In the City is an opportunity for very young readers to investigate a broad scope of a potential environment. Holly James includes questions within her text with which older readers might direct attention. Furthermore, there are labels and information tags. Hannah Tolson’s picture are brightly coloured, busy and appealing.
Bookwagon recommends this title highly as an information reading resource upon which children can wonder, absorb and learn, while enjoying a really vibrant adventure!



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