In The Mouth of the Wolf


Michael Morpurgo triumphs once again with this very personal, true story of two brothers and their experiences in the war that changed the world. His wonderful storytelling and Barroux’s stunning artwork combine to tell the story of Michael’s uncles Francis and Pieter against the epic backdrop of World War Two.

As the shadow of the First World War continues to affect their family and another war approaches, the brothers argue. While Francis is a committed pacifist, Pieter signs up as an airman.  What then ensues changes the course of Francis’s life forever.  He is thrown into the mouth of the wolf and his quite remarkable bravery and exploits are told with typical Morpurgo flourish.


In The Mouth of the Wolf

Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Barroux

Francis and Pieter are brothers that choose separate paths when war arrives in 1939.  One joins the RAF, while the other remains a steadfast pacifist.  What happens next change their lives forever.  Their remarkable story is a very personal one for Michael Morpurgo, as the brothers were his uncles. The illustrations by French artist Barroux compliment the words perfectly and combine to great effect.


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