The Incredible Billy Wild


Billy Wild’s mother told him he was incredible before she died, when Tommo was just a baby in her tummy. He tries to live up to her words, but Johnny is going Off the Rails, and Dad shouts, especially about the upcoming strike, about how Us Boys need to realise how hard it is to keep A Roof Over Their Heads, although the hardest roof to keep up, it appears to Billy, is the one Over The Shed.

That’s the one that needs to be strong as it holds a secret, a blessed secret for which Billy has Prayed To God- a Dog. And not just any dog, but the one that can help him prove he is really Incredible.

I love this book to pieces; it is truly beautiful, spine tingling, meaningful, funny and real. I urge as many  readers as possible to discover how Incredible Billy Wild Is- REALLY.


The Incredible Billy Wild

Joanna Nadin

(Little Brown Kids)

The Incredible Billy Wild‘ is a heart-warming, life- affirmative, steeped in reality wonder of a book, recommended to all readers aged from 10 years. It is the book Mrs Bookwagon has recommended and given more than any other.


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