Indigo Wilde and the Giant Problem


Little does Indigo expect the smelly seeds delivered to 47 Jellybean Crescent to result in a dramatic rescue! Nor do she and Quigley predict they’ll be climbing into an entirely new land in the Unknown Worlds!

However when Graham eats Professor Atakuma’s stinking seeds, the results lead to the appearance of a desperate giant. It seems there’s a disappearance of magical creatures in his lands, including other giants. Who is behind it? What’s more, where is Toadflax’s sister?

Despite his size and reputation, it seems that Toadflax, like other giants, is not to be feared! In fact, this one leads Indigo and Quigley to Croton where they devise a plan to find Osmunda and quell the dastardly plot. It will take cautious observation and every smart action the siblings can think of!

Alongside such rich imaginative storytelling, we’ve brilliant tropical pictures that burst from the page. Altogether it means that Indigo Wilde and the Giant Problem is a superb addition to Bookwagon.

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Indigo Wilde and the Giant Problem

Pippa Curnick


It seems there’s a very smelly delivery arrived at 47 Jellybean Crescent. What’s more there’s a covering note from Professor Atakuma, botanist, advising that the contents should be well protected and hidden. Unfortunately, the smelly seeds within the package fall into Graham’s midnight feast raid. The effects spout the most enormous vine, from which Toadflax the giant appears. Although he’s gigantic, he’s in needs of Indigo’s and Quigley’s help.
Indigo’s used to magical creatures. What’s more, she knows that giants may not match their fearsome reputation. After all, just think of Queenie, whom we met first in Indigo Wilde and the Creatures at Jellybean Crescent. However, it seems that Indigo’s and Quigley’s courage and quick wit will need to be to the fore! There’s a rescue ahead!
Indigo Wilde and the Giant Problem is the latest outing for Pippa Curnick‘s magical family. Each title can be read alone, wondered over for the glorious vibrancy of its pictures and the imaginative storytelling. It seems that 47 Jellybean Crescent is rich with wonder and possibilities, smells and sensations. However, it’s also a safe haven of magic too. Thereafter, we are delighted to welcome Toadflax and Osmunda and the Giant Problem aboard!


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