Inside the Villains


‘Inside the Villains‘- if you dare! Three dastardly characters lie waiting to reveal themselves. The Wolf, The Giant and The Witch introduce themselves, declaring their attributes proudly. The Wolf describes his ‘highly developed intelligence, natural cunning, exceptional athletic gifts…’

Each character offers a checklist of strengths, before we turn to a feature character ‘full reveal’. It’s time to take a deep breath! With levers and pulleys, springs and folds, we investigate the innermost workings of each of our villains.

Every character is included in a traditional story.  The Giant is centre stage in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, while The Wolf and The Witch feature in two less familiar traditional stories.

‘Inside the Villains‘ is a magnificent feat. As a former teacher, I see its huge learning potential. It offers opportunity to me as a reader, to love, share, learn and imagine, reread and own a uniquel book.


Inside the Villains

Clotilde Perrin

(Gecko Press)– hardback, A2 sized

Meet three traditional story baddies in ‘Inside the Villains‘ as you’ve never met them before! Who is The Wolf really? What makes The Giant tick? Is The Witch as evil as fairytales would have us believe? ‘Inside the Villains‘ offers us access deep within our characters innermost thoughts and hidden feelings!


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