Interdimensional Explorers


As Grandad’s wheeled off to hospital, Danny promises that he’ll keep take responsibility for his estate office. After all, it’s only returning lost property, isn’t it? Then again, Grandad’s always seems super fast at finding anything that’s lost and returning it to its owner.

However, the lost property office is a lot more than anything Danny, and his best friend, Modge, could ever have expected. Grandad’s role, and the fact, he’s fallen behind, mind explain his state of mind when Danny sees him last! In fact, Grandad’s role with the Interdimensional Lost Property is hugely important and one that needs fully understanding. It’s beyond Danny and Modge’s comprehension, so they call in the help of Danny’s capable, but aggravating, cousin, Inaya. It seems they must return a multitude of creatures and property across the universe using a variety of special processes. What’s more, their progress will be closely monitored.

In addition, there’s a special IDLPO opportunity offered at Centralus by Kaspar and Kaylar, who have arrived at a superfast highway to return creatures in a sort of super highway. Yet why does this bold new opportunity fit so badly with Danny? It’s not to do with Modge’s smuggled little creature really. In fact, it’s more to do with Kaspar and Kaylar and their overbright smiles. Can they be trusted?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Interdimensional Explorers aboard!

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Interdimensional Explorers

Leap into a multiverse of adventure!

Lorraine Gregory, illustrated by Jo Lindley

How can Grandad’s sudden ill health have propelled Danny, Inaya and Modge into a care taking position as Interdimensional Explorers? When Danny promises his Grandad that he’ll look after his estate office, little does he know the extent of his grandfather’s role. However, not long after he’s stepped in, Danny’s signing a confidentiality agreement with Mrs Arburknuckle, and trying to get a handle on a world of astonishment.
Danny has always been impressed with how quickly his Grandad has retrieved lost property. However, there’s something more to it than meets the eye. What’s more, as Danny, Modge and Inaya investigate, they face a massive task. It seems that Grandad’s role of returning lost property, including unbelievable creatures, across the universe, has fallen behind. In fact, Danny and his best friend and bossy cousin, have to get a handle on the processes and then head across the universe without distraction. However, there’s something wrong at head office. Danny can’t put his finger on it, but Centralus holds an opportunity to the other ‘IDLPOS’ that seems too good to be true. Can Kaylar and Kaspar be trusted with their revolutionary new plans? Then again, what about their plan for super fast routes for returning lost property? Finally, what will happen should Modge’s secret creature be discovered?
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Lorraine Gregory aboard with her latest title. We’ve loved her books since our beginnings, including The Maker of Monsters. We recommend Interdimensional Explorers to all readers who enjoy fast- paced, funny and fantastic stories.


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