Interrupting Chicken


It’s time for Little Chicken’s bedtime story. Papa promises to read one of his favourites, but reminds ‘Interrupting Chicken’  he should not interrupt! Little Chicken promises to keep quiet and enjoy the tale. Can he manage it?

‘Hansel and Gretel’, were very hungry and found a house made of candy which they ate until an old woman appeared…. Will ‘Interrupting Chicken’ be tempted to burst into the tale? What do you think? What about ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, or ‘Chicken Little‘? How might ‘Interrupting Chicken‘ be encouraged to settle into the story, and go to sleep?

The storytelling is superb. There is such a loving relationship between Papa and Little Chicken. The stories within the story are well known and ripe for interruption.

‘Interrupting Chicken‘ is an American classroom classic, winner of the Caldecott Award and Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Text. It is essential fare for any story time.

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Interrupting Chicken

David Ezra Stein

(Walker Books)

It’s time for Little Chicken’s bedtime story. He promises Papa he will not be an ‘Interrupting Chicken‘. He will listen to his favourite stories without any interruption… or will he? Papa begins with ‘Hansel and Gretel’. Can ‘Interrupting Chicken‘ hold back? Will he live up to his name? This is a guaranteed laugh-out-loud story!

Caldecott Medal, Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Text


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