Interview with a Panda


Imagine that you were able to have an exclusive interview with some of the most endangered animals on earth?  That is what is offered by the brilliant Interview with a Panda (& Other Endangered Animals).  This is an excellent insight into the lives of animals such as a Sumatran Elephant, the Green Turtle and the flightless New Zealand parrot, the Kakapo.  They talk about their lives, eating habits and behaviour.  Sadly, they all share a commonality – human activity has pushed them to the edge of extinction.

This is a brilliantly written and excellent book – funny, yet serious, and always thoroughly informative and entertaining.

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Interview with a Panda

& Other Endangered Animals Too

Andy Seed, illustrations by Nick East


If you could talk to animals, what would you ask?  Interview with a Panda (& Other Endangered Animals Too) imagines that you can do just that!
Through this wonderful book, readers can become familiar with ten endangered animals in close-up interviews.  The animals are honest, funny and enlightening as they share their habits, behaviour, likes and dislikes, favourite foods, and much more. Each animal has its own story to tell… and its own attitude!  Every animal also shares something in common with all the others – they are severely endangered. The animals also talk candidly about the part that humans have played that leave them on the endangered list.
In this fun and fact-filled book, bite-sized text in a question-and-answer format is paired with colourful and engaging illustrations throughout.  The book features ‘interviews’ with diverse animals such a giant panda,, black rhino and a tiger chameleon.  Also included are the flightless New Zealand parrot, the kakapo and the Western Nimba toad. A particularly excellent aspect of this book is the section at the back offering tips on how we can all to do our bit to help endangered species.
Bookwagon also stocks other books in this excellent series by Andy Seed and Nick East, including Interview With a Shark and Other Ocean Giants


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