Interview with Cleopatra & Other Famous Rulers


Did you know that Cleopatra spoke Greek, as did the other Egyptian rulers? It seems Alexander the Great brought that language to the country when he invaded in 332BC. Both are subjects of time travelling writer Andy Seed in Interview with Cleopatra & Other Famous Rulers.

Then again, we meet other ground breaking leaders, like Genghis Khan, who explains how uniting the clans of Mongolia enabled him to defeat China. Then again, his armies ‘went west and crushed- Afghanistan, Persia, Azerbaijan, Southern Russia, Georgia and not into Europe: Bulgaria and Hungary’.

However Montezuma’s fortunes are not looking so promising. It seems he’s welcomed the Spaniard Hernán Cortés. However, subsequently, Cortés has told him he ‘cannot leave this house‘ so that he’s prisoner in his own palace!

Thereafter, we read what happened to the Aztec ruler, as we do with each of the interviewed subjects. These include Elizabeth I, Saladin and Boudica too!

The style, with interviews, the precarious nature of time travelling into the company of Genghis Khan or Harald Bluetooth, for example, and then Gareth Conway’s expressive comic style illustrations make this book so accessible and such fun!

Bookwagon loves this series of books, and is delighted that it has moved into encounters with historical figures. We recommend Interview with Cleopatra & Other Famous Rulers for reading at home, and school.

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Interview with Cleopatra & Other Famous Rulers

Written by Andy Seed, illustrated by Gareth Conway

(Welbeck Publishing)

We’ve enjoyed a number of interviews from Andy Seed, including Interview with a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too. However, here the writer turns his attention to notable historical figures. These include Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, and Elizabeth I. For example, we meet Viking King Harald Bluetooth,  who united Denmark’s tribes. It seems his name is remembered in 21st century ‘wireless technology’. 
Then again, we meet Mansa Mūsā, in West Africa. He is ‘the richest man in history‘! It seems he travelled across the Sahara by camel caravan. What’s more, to make a good impression, his procession included 60,000 people! This included 12,000 slaves each carrying ‘a bag of gold weighing nearly two kilograms’. It seems the good impression included gifting gold to the poor encountered along the route!
Alongside tongue-in-cheek interviews, with the writer time travelling to meet his subjects, we’ve a précis of each subject’s life and legacy. It means that we’re offered an historical timeline alongside an idea of their setting, goals and achievements. Furthermore, because of the style of this book, and its illustrations, the tone and aim are accessible and enjoyable.
Bookwagon loves this series. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Interview with Interview With Cleopatra & Other Famous Rulers, aboard.


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