InvestiGators Off the Hook


Mango and Brash are committed to ‘the Greater good’ (‘Gator good’) and take on their secret agent missions with determination. However, sometimes donuts and then concerns as to priorities, might way lay them. Certainly, when we meet the pair on their third outing, they’re debating actions during an emergency simulation. Therefore, should they be in peril, would they save one another, or save the situation? After all, Brash had such a dilemma when he left Daryl, his former partner. Now that crocodile is a Crackerdile, or at least a bowl of mushy dough, continuing to cause havoc. What’s more, he returns in InvestiGators Off the Hook!

This time, he’s connived to work with Bill Plungerman and his evil snake arm. Poor Bill, city plumber, is being hypnotised through a series of crimes in the city. While Mango and Brash seek him out, they’re not aware that he’s carrying the Crackerdile, who’s seeking a laboratory or site wherein he might be restored to a bigger, fiercer form. Would a Mother of All Waffles’ outlet prove the best option? Then again, couldn’t there be complications in the mixture?

The nonsense is huge, the laughs bright, as John Patrick Green interplays words cleverly with bright, enticing graphics and such a resourceful storyline. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome InvestiGators Off the Hook.

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InvestiGators Off the Hook

John Patrick Green

(Pan Macmillan)- hardback

Who do you save? Your partner or the situation? That’s Mango’s dilemma. After all, Brash lost Daryl who became an evil Crackerdile, when faced with the same dilemma! Thankfully this new partnership, are both committed to ‘the Greater Good‘. Yet, could this be ‘the Gator good’?  Certainly, they’re dedicated to solving crime, taking on the new technology, and making the most of their settings. We know this from former missions, such as InvestiGators Take the Plunge.
It might be as investment bankers. Then again, it could be as construction workers. However, during InvestiGators Off the Hook, their third graphic adventure, the pair are involved in the Bill Plungerman case. It seems that this missing plumber’s ‘arm was combined with a snake, giving him grappling hook powers‘. What’s more, it appears the two creatures have fighting brains! Could this be something of use to former agent Daryl, aka Crackerdile. It seems that he’s back in town, albeit as soggy dough. However, he’s plans to build an arm of evildoers and thereafter return bigger and better! This is a tough case for Mango and Brash!
John Patrick Green offers graphic dexterity and humour alongside such a witty text in this new case for the crocodile secret agents. What’s more, he introduces new characters, like Cilantro, who’ve burning issues…. Bookwagon loves this series, and welcomes InvestiGators Off the Hook, aboard.


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