Invisible Emmie


Emmie avoids being seen. She has perfected the art of being invisible to cope with school, her parents’ questions, interactions with peers and teachers, maths, and growing up. Emmie goes through her life as though she is swimming underwater and must hold her breath to survive. She is invisible.

The story progresses in chapters, interspersed with anecdotal drawings and conversation, alongside sections of graphic text. Terri Libenson has created the sort of book I wish had been around when I was growing up. The fear of being noticed, of being different and standing out are  heightened. Nobody wants to do the ‘wrong’ thing.

When Emmie does the wrong thing, entirely accidentally, it is beyond her wildest, most horrific nightmare. How she deals with it is at the heart of ‘Invisible Emmie.’ Will she cope? Will she sink, swim, speak up and be noticed, or continue to be ‘Invisible Emmie‘?

We recommend ‘Invisible Emmie‘ to Bookwagon readers.

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Invisible Emmie

Terri Libenson


The tight stomach clenching Emmie feels when anticipating school, crowds, questions, P.E, or Tyler Ross, is eased by a little yoga breathing. The best course of action, she has decided, is to become Invisible Emmie. Silence is the best option. What happens when something too dreadful for Katie to anticipate occurs? What are Emmie’s options? After all, isn’t Emma the person who’s always able to cope? It seems that while Emmie’s hides, Katie faces everything with gusto. Isn’t she the type of person that Emmie’s determined to be? Then again, what if something so embarrassing, more embarrassing than could ever be anticipated, happens? It seems that Emmie’s about to be put on the hot spot…
Invisible Emmie opens the Emmie’s Friends’ graphic series. Within each, graphic novelist Terri Libenson considers the Middle School experience, a similar focus for Freestyle. However with this opening title, we feel Emmie’s pain and fear. Then again, when the world opens up as the note drops and then is retrieved in the most unimaginable way, our hearts pound. It seems the simple line drawings the shapes and styles add to our empathy. Thereafter, what is to be done? Altogether we believe that this is a personal, sensitive and authentic graphic novel/ chapter book about growing up and finding your voice. Bookwagon recommends this title highly.


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