Is It a Mermaid?


‘Is It a Mermaid?’ Benji and Bel meet a new friend at the beach. She insists she is a dugong, but Benji is determined to prove her wrong. Mermaids don’t look like this! Dugongs are sea cows. They eat sea lettuce! The mermaid/ dugong believes better. Can she convince Benji?

With Pacific rich overlaid colours and hints at the mystery of the gentle dugong, ‘Is It a Mermaid?‘ is a very special picture book. Despite themes of self-belief and environmental concerns, this is a positive, glorious picture book. What do you think- ‘Is It a Mermaid?’ 


Is It a Mermaid?

Candy Gourlay and Francesca Chessa


‘Is It a Mermaid?’ Benji doesn’t think so! He is determined to prove the mermaid is a dugong. The Mermaid has other ideas! Look at the way she can dive! Listen to her sing! Benji isn’t so sure. Can mermaids dry their tears? They’re sensitive souls, but then, so is Bel!


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