Is It a Seed?


Is It a Seed? It ‘looks like a seed’ though it’s different. What will grow should the friends plant it?

Could it offer just one, single flower, or even a tree? A tree that shares its shade, but thereafter might nurture a treehouse, or even the possibility of more than one treehouse, even a town?

Then again, what if this seed grows into a beanstalk, even a magic beanstalk? Think of the stories, the magic, the wonder that explodes from this possibility?

The friends watch, hope and wonder until a shoot… We hold our breaths. The words still as the pictures build our anticipation and then our excitement.

Bookwagon loves Is It a Seed? Not only is the storytelling rich with wonder and hope, but the blue green tones of Adriena Fong’s pictures, her sequencing and clever use of perspective, are just perfect.

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Is It a Seed?

Emily Ann Davison, illustrated by Adriena Fong

(Flying Eye Books)

Look, I found something. And here it is. Is It a Seed?‘  It seems this is something different, so what might it grow into? Maybe ‘a tiny, lone flower‘? Or something extraordinary like ‘a tremendous tree, with branches stretching far and wide‘? Such a tree offers the nurture of shade, and then a treehouse, or even many treehouses, a town of treehouses…
Emily Ann Davison and Adriena Fong suggest and show the wonder and possibilities of this discovery. After all, don’t seeds hold a future for each of us in their rich and varied forms? Just think of beanstalks, magical beanstalk kingdoms, in fact. Thereafter, if this grows into a beanstalk, what of giants and fairytale lands? Then again, consider the hope when we whisper Be My Sunflower, perhaps.
Thereafter, what will the friends discover as they watch and wait? Might it be any of the rich imaginings they’ve shared? Or might there be just the joy of a slow shoot, measured and thereafter, enjoyed for its own effort?
Bookwagon loves the happiness, wonder, message and glorious illustrations of Is It a Seed? We recommend this beautiful picture book for sharing, knowing and inspiring.


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