It All Began When I Said YES


‘It All Began When I Said YES’ and that was in response to Mum and Dad’s complaint that I answered, ‘No’ only! So, ‘Yes’ it was, to.. a gorilla asking if I’d a scooter. It was a ‘Yes’ to that gorilla in the overly tight shirt and too-small hat, wanting more balloons. ‘Can we have a party?‘ is asked. Of course, it’s ‘Yes’!

What will happen? A gorilla, with a retinue of animal friends, with a welterweight of balloons and a bouncy castle and no cake… Who will say ‘No?’

‘It All Began When I Said YES‘ is a witty, imaginative, captivating picture book, with subtle messages and many twists and turns. We love it and suggest you say, ‘Yes‘ to this story!


It All Began When I Said YES

Simon Philip, illustrated by Annabel Tempest

(Simon & Schuster)

When Mum and Dad get fed up with hearing ‘No’ to every suggestion, there is only one thing for it! ‘It All Began When I Said YES’! Watch the havoc created by this decision!


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