It Starts With a Bee


It Starts With a Bee, from the moment the hive faces outwards as the the temperature rises. Thereafter, the bees seek the sweet scent of spring flowers, from crocus to daffodil, returning to wiggle and waggle their pollen-y saddlebags. What’s more, they share the information with the hive as to the flowers to seek.

As the season continues the bees work on, pollen rubbing off ‘as they dart to and fro,/ and inside each flower/ [where] a fruit starts to grow’. 

Alongside such captivating rhyming poem that explains the hive’s actions, and the cycle of nature, we’ve intricate, spring swept pictures from Jennie Webber. Altogether, It Starts With a Bee is an essential nature poem for home and school. There is such respectful information within this book that is vital to all readers. What’s more, its format means It Starts With a Bee is beautiful to look at, hold and share.

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It Starts With a Bee

Watch a tiny bee bring the world to bloom

Aimee Gallagher, pictures by Jennie Webber

(QED)– hardback

It Starts With a Bee but ‘where does it lead?’ Might it all begin ‘when the temperature rises‘? It seems that ‘spring calls them outside’ to ‘sweet scents and bright colours’. It means that they ‘flock’ to the spring flowers, from ‘snowdrops, daffodils,/ crocus and daisy’. Then again, they’ve the ‘sweet nectar‘ of blossom in which to indulge also!
Once their ‘saddlebags/ [are] bulging and pollen-y,/ [They] buzz swiftly back to dispatch/ to their colony’. It seems that at this point the bees’ ‘wiggle and waggle’ indicates the ‘flowers on which to descend‘ to their community also.
Like A Bear’s Guide to Beekeeping, this is a picture book. However, just as that wonderful title was a rather comedic guide to beekeeping, so this is a poetic guide to the life and work of bees. What’s more, it is beautifully illustrated, by Jennie Webber, not only springtime fresh, but magically intimate and detailed too. Altogether, Bookwagon loves and recommends It Starts With a Bee. We suggest this is a title to share, reread, know and love, at home, and in school, also.


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