It Wasn’t Me!


It seems that we have a secret to share in this story. That somehow as we watch Charlie and Ellis on their perfect island, we’re seeing more than they might. That as they swim and play and explore each day ahead of a perfect night of storytelling, we realise that there’s someone else on the island.

It seems that someone else has a need for the shared belongings of Ellis and Charlie. Thereafter when their big pot, little bowl and little spoon go missing one by one the pair are nonplussed. Each claims It Wasn’t Me! However suspicions of the other grow so that they don’t share their time. In fact, by the time their clothes disappear, each has decided to leave their perfect island. However, there’s a problem…

Bookwagon loves the rich, tropical colours, the variety of sequences, the changing perspectives and then the humour and subterfuge of It Wasn’t Me! We suggest this is a wonderful picture book to read aloud, look over, discover, read again and love dearly.

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It Wasn’t Me!

Marta Altés

(Pan Macmillan)

One big pot, one little bowl, one little spoon… and one little hut.’ Everything that Ellis and Charlie do and everything they have, they do and share together on their little island.
Their days are full of swimming, exploring, eating and playing. Thereafter, they tell each other stories every night ‘until they fell asleep’.It seems as though their life is perfect, until the day the big pot disappears. Could Charlie have moved it? However, what about their little bowl? Or even their little spoon? Each Charlie and Ellis claim It Wasn’t Me!
Bookwagon loves the picture books and illustrations of Marta Altés. Just think of titles including New in Town or Five More Minutes. Therefore, this picture book receives a warm welcome from Bookwagon!
We watch the drama draw out. We see how the happy pair, with their days and nights of order and cooperation fall apart when they lose their belongings. The backgrounds grow darker, the characters angrier. Therefore, how will it be when their clothes disappear? When their ‘perfect island [doesn’t] feel quite so perfect’. In fact, might it mean that they each want to find an island that’s fit for one, alone? However, what if these two have always worked together? Been together? Might it mean that they need to set off to a new adventure together, too?
Bookwagon loves the sequence, warmth, message and humour of It Wasn’t Me! Then again, the subterfuge throughout the story is a delight that keen readers will enjoy spotting!


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