It’s Her Story: Marie Curie


In graphic novel form, we follow the life, struggles, discoveries and achievements of groundbreaking scientist Marie Curie in It’s Her Story: Marie Curie. We realise how her curiosity was noticed when she was a child, Marya Sklodowska, in Poland. At that time, she was educated at home before progressing to gold medal awards at school and a place at the Sorbonne. Yet that was after she’d worked for some years as a tutor, sending her wage to support her older sister through medical school.

Her scholarship place at the Sorbonne changed everything for her, including her name. Sharing laboratory space with scientist Pierre Curie, offered a working relationship, alongside the role of his wife. They were a constant, determined team, building their research into uranium to discovering new scientific elements, and realising radioactivity. After his death, her work continued, extending to creating learning opportunities for others alongside hospitals.

Kaara Kallen’s text is engaging; we are drawn to realise Marie Curie’s life, learn about her discoveries, but also care. The graphics by Rosie Baker are deft and empathetic.

Bookwagon recommends It’s Her Story: Marie Curie to our readers.

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It’s Her Story: Marie Curie

A Graphic Novel

Kaara Kallen, illustrated by Rosie Baker

(Sunbird Books)- hardback

Bookwagon loves Imogen and Isabel Greenberg’s Marie Curie and Her Daughters. It is a definitive history of this uplifting, trailblazing scientist and researcher. Therefore, we approached It’s Her Story: Marie Curie A Graphic Novel, with some hesitation. What more could be told? In truth, there is not a lot that is new, but the format reinforces the information. Thereafter, it sets out the sequence of the scientist’s life clearly and empathetically.
We journey from Marya’s early days where she wins school awards, to the pact she made with Bronya to work to support her sister’s medical studies. Thereafter, we see Marie’s bravery living in freezing conditions while studying at the Sorbonne, and then her fortuitous granting of lab space by Pierre Curie. He was the man who would become Marie’s husband and research partner.
I am more inspired than ever by Marie’s diligence, curiosity, attention and standards. For example, did you know that over time Marie repaid anybody who had helped her? This included her scholarship to the Sorbonne. Furthermore, she was a ‘clever communicator’, liaising with industrial companies to sponsor and support. Thereafter, when she and Pierre received their Nobel Prize in 1903 for their discovery of radioactivity, Marie was the first woman to take this award. Despite this, she was ‘not allowed to deliver the acceptance speech’.
It’s Her Story: Marie Curie is a clear, perfectly formed, informative and satisfying non-fiction, biographical graphic novel. Bookwagon is proud to add it to our bookstore.


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