Jabari Jumps


Jabari is ready to jump from the diving board. He hadn’t realised it was quite that tall. He needs to stretch before he takes his turn in the queue, so allows a few others to go ahead of him. He thinks about what sort of special dive he might make. He needs a little rest before the dive.

Then Dad shares his experiences of being apprehensive, and makes a couple of suggestions. What will Jabari do? Will he jump?

Debut picture-book maker Gaia Cornwall has made something rather special in ‘Jabari Jumps‘. We join Jabari’s father and little brother watching the process, feeling Jabari’s anticipation of all the possibilities.

The pace, language, drama and clear, swimming pool washed matte illustrations, are enticing. Bookwagon readers are recommended ‘Jabari Jumps’ to tall diving board height and beyond!


Jabari Jumps

Gaia Cornwall

(Walker Books)

Jabari is certain he can jump from the high diving board. His father is sure of him. At the swimming baths, he prepares, watches, waits and… ‘Jabari Jumps‘ is a magnificent debut picture book that we adore. We recommend it to young readers, to philosophy and ethics classes, and for bedtime reading. Take the jump, Jabari! We have faith in you!


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