Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor


Joan Procter, Animal Doctor‘ took her childhood fascination with reptiles into a groundbreaking career. Despite the times she lived in, with little girls expected to indulge themselves with tea parties and ladylike pursuits, Joan Procter pursued her passion. It continued through constant ill-health, and WW1.

Joan Procter graduated from walking her baby crocodile to school, to designing London Zoo’s reptile house. This reader knew nothing about this trailblazing scientist until reading ‘Joan Procter, Animal Doctor‘.

Ill-health, and societal expectations plagued her, yet Joan Procter’s impact on our appreciation of reptiles evolved because of her determined example and research. This is a brilliant story of a fascinating scientist.


Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor

The Woman Who Loved Reptiles

Patricia Valdez, illustrated by Felicita Sala

(Andersen Press)

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor‘ became a leading global authority on reptiles, despite her age, gender, ill health, and societal understanding and belief. ‘Joan Procter, Animal Doctor’ is a fascinating story of a bold, inspiring woman and researcher. We love this book!


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