Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist


No-one believes Joe Quinn when he tells them about the poltergeist in his house, except for Davie. Davie has experienced a mysterious and inexplicable presence in Joe’s house, but could his troubled past be the cause?

Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist‘  is a haunting story about loss and the power of hope.  It is a deeply moving graphic novel,. Magnificent illustrations by Dave McKean and David Almond’s magical storytelling combine in a compelling creation. .


Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist

David Almond, illustrated by Dave McKean


David Almond’s moving prose and Dave McKean’s illuminating art work combine in a stunning graphic novel.  Is the Poltergeist real?  Do the novel’s haunted characters stir the poltergeist? Read ‘Joe Quinn’s Poltergeist‘ to find out…


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