Journey to the Last River


Are you ready to take part in an adventure? To face danger at every turn? To venture into unknown lands? If you are, then Journey to the Last River is the perfect book. As the mysterious Unknown Adventurer says, ‘I would mention the area’s name, but I can’t. All I can say is that this map would lead the two of us on an expedition into the heart of the unknown, hoping to find the last river for ourselves. What we discovered deep within the rainforest was enough to make me remove or change the place names in this journal – just like the map maker. Soon, you will know and understand….’

Join the Unknown Adventurer on this amazing adventure into the Amazon, which begins with a map discovered in the Royal Geographical Society showing a river that has been mysteriously rubbed out. It leads the Unknown Adventurer and his companion into a search for this ‘last river’ that will change their understanding of nature forever.

This is a thrilling tale of a voyage into the Amazon rainforest that looks exactly like a real scrap book inside, with smudged pages, handwritten-looking text and even die-cut piranha bite marks from a previous dangerous encounter!. The gripping story features encounters with caiman and anacondas, incredible flora and fauna, survival tips and lots more.  It is a thrilling book and heartily recommended.

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Journey to the Last River

From the journals of The Unknown Adventurer, edited by Teddy Keen

(Frances Lincoln Books) – hardback

In Journey to the Last River, we follow an anonymously-authored and illustrated journal of an exploratory voyage deep into the Amazon basin.  The book is presented in a facsimile format, complete with images of stains, smashed bugs, and botanical specimens.  This engrossing diary records a five-week trip upriver, retracing a route from an old hand-drawn and unreliable map. What lies in the missing bits?
This approach makes for a fabulous immersive experience.  Readers will be avid to find out who the “Unknown Adventurer” is. Accompanied only by Bibi, a female biologist friend with excellent rainforest survival skills, the inexperienced narrator spends much of the arduous trek complaining.  After many encounters with flora and often dangerous animals, what lies at journey’s end is something wonderful.  It is even more precious than gold, but also vulnerable.
The book is replete with hundreds of pencil drawings, with text printed in hand-lettered format.  The written account grips the reader, as we learn that the adventurers are staying in a wooden outhouse belonging to local villagers preparing for their six week canoe trip into the rainforests.
The whole experience is engrossing and makes for a problem-solving, and mystery-solving, task as well as a compulsive read.
This book is the perfect companion for fans of The Explorer and Journey to the River Sea, both also available in the Bookwagon on-line store.


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