Nanna’s ‘Joy‘ has disappeared. She hardly smiles any more. Fern undertakes a mission to rediscover Nanna’s ‘Joy’. She’ll need a catching kit. Maybe she could capture a puppy’s bounce in the park? What about the shimmering sparkles of sunlight across the duck pond? Won’t this help? What happens if ‘Joy’ is elusive?

This beautiful book reminds me of Mem Fox and Julie Vivas’ classic ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’. It celebrates the special relationship between young and old, and the glory to be discovered in the every day.

Corinne Averiss’s text bounds with joy. I love the repetition- ‘She felt the whoosh! of joy!’/ There is so much movement in her words-‘Tickle tickle/ chuckle chuckle/ bounce bounce bounce’  Meanwhile, Isabelle Follath offers a kaleidoscope of colours. The pages are emotionally toned, with the movements sequenced so beautifully. I love the illustrator’s comparisons. She offers a huge bird’s eye view of the park landscape, rich with joyous potential, against snapshot memories of joyful experience.

Joy‘ is a glorious picture book that fills your heart and makes your eyes twinkle. Will it work for Fern’s Nanna?



Corinne Averiss and Isabelle Follath

(words & pictures)

Fern loves her Nanna. From her cakes, to her mantelpiece mice to Snowball the cat, Nanna is wonderful. Yet Nanna’s ‘Joy’ has gone. How can Fern make Nanna’s ‘heart happy and eyes twinkle’? Join Fern as she takes her catching kit to find Nanna’s ‘Joy’. 


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