How far will Shaz go to find her father? He’s not returned home in days and the clues are slight. However something inspires Shaz and her cousin Apa to break into his favourite music store. After all, it’s most peculiar that it’s not been open over the same period that Shaz’s father has been missing.

His glasses suggest they’re in the right place. Then again, there’s the Jukebox, something Shaz’s father has been seeking to buy. What happens when they play a vinyl record? Could it transport them to the time of its first pressing, maybe to a concert? Could Shaz’s father be trapped in time?

As the girls search, they learn more about Shaz’s father’s valued role for both, alongside revealing truths to each other. It’s a time of bonding and revelation. What’s more, they realise more about the artists and key events of the late twentieth century.

Bookwagon recommends Jukebox. It is an original, conscientious, considered graphic novel that connects us and reminds us of who we are and where we’ve travelled. What’s more, it is a call to some superb music and musicians.

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Nidhi Chanani

(Roaring Brook Press)

Shaheen (Shaz) feels as though her father’s only interest is his music. It means that every conversation, every song heard, inspires him to recall and then inform her about the history of the music. What’s more, she is weary of it.
However, when he disappears, Shaz and her cousin Apa retrace his steps. It seems there’s something suspicious about the fact his favourite music store has been closed for three days. It leads Shaz and Apa to break in to investigate. When they find his glasses alongside vinyl records that he loves beside a Jukebox, something miraculous happens. Is it possible the two girls might time travel to the time of the releases of these first pressings? Might they arrive to hear Nina Simone, for example, or take in James Brown’s concert the night after the assassination of Martin Luther King Junior?
How far will the girls travel? Will they be sighted? What’s more, where is Shaz’s father? Then how does this machine work? It seems to be having ill effects on Apa’s delicate hearing and more besides…
Alongside a really strong historical timeline of pivotal events and key musical players in twentieth century, Nidhi Chanani tells a story of family, discovering yourself and thereafter understanding those in your life. Jukebox is a thoughtful, inspiring and empathetic graphic novel, recommended for older middle grade readers.


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