Julian at the Wedding


A wedding ‘is a party for love.‘ We join Marisol and Julian at the Wedding. They are dressed in their finery. After listening to the buzz of conversation while sitting at the table, they slide beneath, to escape to a ‘fairy house‘ tree. Yet while Julian exalts in the magical drape of the tree’s branches, Marisol finds a dog- ‘Uh-oh!’

What is to be done? Will Julian’s ‘idea’ save the day and Marisol’s proud wedding finery? Furthermore, what about the adults?

Yet, this day is all about love, tolerance, joy and celebration. Thereafter, we see faces proud, and familiar from Julian is a Mermaid delight in the children’s imagination and play. They are proud, respectful and encouraging.

Jessica Love’s first picture book featuring Julian was a tour-de-force. Therefore, we wallow in the sounds and warmth of family and friends, linger in this picture book maker’s textured colours and celebrate the love. Julian at the Wedding is glorious.

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Julian at the Wedding

Jessica Love

(Walker Books)

What will Julian and Marisol wear? Furthermore, who is celebrating? We join Julian at the Wedding. It seems that ‘a wedding is a party for love’. There’s food, conversation, dancing and a buzz. Marisol and Julian escape and hide beneath the wedding table. Thereafter, they run to the trees and make ‘a fairy house’. Yet while Julian is entranced by the long branches of the house, Marisol discovers a dog- ‘Uh- oh!’
Is it possible that Julian’s ‘idea’ might help save the situation? Might Marisol’s ‘Uh-oh!’become something startlingly wonderful that she can take flight?
Jessica Love’s introduction to Julian was the award-winning Julian is a Mermaid. Bookwagon is overjoyed to be invited to join him, Marisol and his retinue of adults at the wedding. We luxuriate in the warm conversation. It seems as though we can hear and feel the warmth and happiness of family and friends in celebration. Thereafter, when Marisol and Julian escape and imagine, we are part of their play.
Julian at the Wedding is a glorious picture book of tolerance, imagination, opportunity and wonder. The pictures are lush overlaid textures and colours, while the text is sparse and necessary. Altogether this is an essential, joyous picture book that we love and recommend.


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