Julian Is A Mermaid


Julian Is A Mermaid’ through inspiration and wonder. Julian LOVES mermaids. We watch his fascination with the colours, shapes and possibilities. We find ourselves drawn into Julian’s desire. Then again, we see as he works to recreate the spectacle he absorbed from the bus journey with his grandmother. Will lacy curtains, beads and fern fronds transform Julian into a mermaid? Then again, how will grandmother react when she sees the new, Ariel- like grandson? Is it possible she will embrace the boy he is, the mermaid he wants to be?

ulian Is A Mermaid is a lush and glorious picture book. We love its rich images, and the sparse text from which the reader must infer, appreciate and understand. We delight in this wonderful picture book and are proud to share it with our readers.

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Julian Is A Mermaid

Jessica Love

(Walker Books)

Julian Is A Mermaid, for they fill his mind and imagination. It seems as though the feathers, colour and lush possibilities are entrancing. After a journey upon which three beautiful mermaids board his bus, our hero is committed. Therefore, he seeks ways to recreate what he has seen.
Is it possible that fern fronds could renovate our main character? Furthermore, might he need makeup, beads or lacy curtains? After all, the mermaids that this boy saw, were theatrical, magical and made up to the nines!
Yet, what might his grandmother think should she see his recreation? Is it possible that she could accept his intentions and thereafter seek to take him to a mermaid parade? Might this be a bold and glorious act of theatre that embraces the wonder of what the
Jessica Love makes a splash with her debut title. It seems that we fall into the spell of what her character seeks along with him. Thereafter, we delight in what he creates through her lush, curious, beautiful, sequenced pictures, and a glorious message. What’s more, we revisit this ceiling smashing, questioning, loving character anew, with Julian at the Wedding. Bookwagon recommends Julian is a Mermaid to readers of all ages.


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