‘Jumanji‘ is called to conclude the board game Peter and Judy discover. Instructions attached to the game suggest it must be played to the end. The children realise the reason for this advice when they begin to play. From attack, to monsoon, eruption, to stampede, to sleeping sickness, the game proceeds. Will Peter and Judy reach ‘Jumanji’?

The classic story that inspired the films is awe- inspiring. Chris Van Allsburg’s imagination is boundless. The suburban prose is juxtaposed against newsprint, pencil perfect illustrations. ‘Jumanji’ is sophisticated picture book storytelling at its finest.

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Chris Van Allsburgh

(Andersen Press)

Outside their home, Judy and Peter’s home lies an abandoned board game. Its instructions tell them that the game must be played to its conclusion, when the winner calls, ‘Jumanji’. It’s a jungle game. What can possibly go wrong?

Awards for Jumanji, include:-

Caldecott Medal                       Boston Globe Horn Book Award

The Children’s Choice from the International Reading Association

American Book Award for Illustration from the Association of American Publishers

The New York Times’ Best Illustrated Children’s Book citation

The New York Times’ Outstanding Books’ citation


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