Jummy at the River School


Jummy’s delight at winning a place at the prestigious River School is dimmed by her best friend’s disappearance. It seems that Caro is upset at Jummy’s leave-taking. What’s more Caro’s family’s circumstances mean they cannot afford for their bright daughter to even sit the entrance examination.

While Jummy is apprehensive about all that she has to learn in starting somewhere entirely new, she is also very excited. It seems she’s been placed in the best room, of the best House, with the best girls…. aside from Bolaji Oni. While everyone loves this girl’s family’s bakery, her royal ways are demeaning and overbearing. What’s more, she’s a newbie, just like Jummy! Then again, it seems a senior girl, a cousin, is determined that everything should go Bolaji’s way, just like Matron…

Jummy is dealing with the food, the determination of her lessons, the expectation of the senior girls of her house, and then the sudden appearance of someone very close to her. However, something is very different and very wrong.

Sabine Adeyinka recalls her boarding school days in Nigeria in this superb story. We are gripped by Jummy’s first term at the River School, keen to see the Shine-Shine River, wary of possible crocodiles, joining a debate and urging Nile House to victory in the Harmattan Cup. Then there’s the play…

Bookwagon recommends Jummy at the River School highly to all our middle grade readers. It is a really fulfilling, enjoyable and entertaining read!

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Jummy at the River School

Sabine Adeyinka

(Chicken House)

Jummy’s joy at winning a place at ‘the best secondary school for girls in Southern Nigeria’ knows no bounds. What’s more, she’s made her parents and neighbourhood proud. It seems the only problem is Caro. After all, it is not fair that Caro is denied even trying for a place at the school because of her family’s circumstances. Then again, it seems that once Jummy’s success is known about, her best friend vanishes.
Before long, readers are joining Jummy at the River School. Alongside the new entrant, we learn about the House system, the rules and routines, privileges and punishments. Then again, we get to meet Bolaji Oni, whose royal family own Redbrick Bakery. It seems that despite being a newbie, she expects and receives special privileges. What’s more, she has  a senior cousin, determined to remove her from Jummy’s Nile House, for Limpopo, alongside the sympathies of Matron. Then again, Bolaji has a maidservant, rather familiar to Jummy…
It seems that life alongside the Shine-Shine River is full of challenges, from the cleaning rota, to Ngozi’s determination to win the Harmattan games, to getting a bathroom space!
Sabine Adeyinka gifts us an absorbing, colourful, bold and exuberant debut novel in Jummy at the River School. Like New Class at Malory Towers, this is an authentic tale of boarding school life and experience. What’s more, we can feel Jummy’s pride, newness, apprehension and growing commitment and confidence. Bookwagon loves and recommends this superb middle grade title.


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