‘Jump!‘ A dog jumps. A rabbit jumps. Boing! A grasshopper jumps. Boing! Can a snail jump? Can you jump?

Tatsuide Matsukoka arranges direct, descriptive text illustratively to emphasise meaning. Alongside this are joyous, face-on images where each featured creature is contrasted as passive and active. The vertical construction of the book enhances meaning, action and joy.

Gecko Press is an outstanding publisher seeking quality international titles. ‘Jump!’ is an example. It is a pleasure to recommend and sell ‘Jump!’, with the thought of so many new readers being engaged and inspired.



Tatsuhide Matsukoka

(Gecko Press)

Boing! A frog jumps. Boi oi oi oing! A dog jumps. A rabbit jumps. Can you ‘Jump!’? Expressive pictures within descriptive text unites to create a perfect ‘forever’ baby board book. ‘Jump!’ to it!


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