Just in Case You Want to Fly


What do you wish for those you love? Just in Case You Want to Fly offers a galleon of wishes. It might be that should you wish to fly, you’ll need ‘some wind‘ and ‘the sky‘, perhaps ‘a feather‘ ‘up high’, and even ‘a wing/ from a butterfly‘. More wishes could include ‘a rock to skip’ and a ‘coin to wish‘ for sometimes we need those charms.

It seems as though we skip through the bounds of earth and sky, scooping possibilities and magic to share. Thereafter, we choose ‘a joke if you want to laugh‘ and ‘a song as you go to bed’. We realise that these are all the hopes for a satisfying, stumble-free, passage through life, from the tissue for tears, to an umbrella for shelter! Don’t we wish these for those we love, too?

Poet Julie Fogliano collaborates anew with award-winning illustrator Christian Robinson on a soaring, wonderful book of love and hopes. Just in Case You Want to Fly offers rhyming wishes and finger-crossed hopes, within a background of the everyday that we all recognise through Robinson’s open-armed, primary, inclusive pictures. Bookwagon loves this picture book.

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Just in Case You Want to Fly

Julie Folgliano and Christian Robinson

(Walker Books)

Are you making a wish? A forever wish to somebody you love very much, perhaps? Maybe you could wish Just in Case You Want to Fly. It seems that you could wish for some wind and some sky and thereafter a feather and ‘a wing from a butterfly‘.
Poet Julie Folgliano, whom we know from A House that Once Was, collaborates anew with Christian Robinson from You Matter, amongst other titles. Thereafter, we follow a song of a wish that extends across the sky to ‘a cherry if you need a snack‘ to ‘a coin to wish’ and a ‘la la la’- ‘just in case you want to sing’. These are the moon and stars of wishes!
Alongside the stirring, lyrical, glorious impossibility of wishes, Christian Robinson’s pictures offer familiar primary shapes, colours and approaches. The choir of singers are a Duplo shaped assembly of every children across a white framed double page. The ‘blanket‘ and ‘a dream and some kisses on your head‘ show a soaring child falling in to the arms of her mother through  golden sunlit pages.
Bookwagon suggests that Just in Case You Want to Fly is a perfect gift to a new life, for new parents, as a bedtime story to sing, recite and know. This beautiful picture book is one to cherish.


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