Kat Wolfe Takes the Case


‘Kat Wolfe Takes the Case’ with  detective pal, Harper, after a sensational paleontological discovery beams worldwide attention on Bluebell Bay. The attention is not all it seems. There is subterfuge and threat to the discovery and village. The danger extends to Kat’s grandfather, the Dark Lord, Minister of Defence. Something strange is going on at Hamilton Park, and Kat and Harper are determined to investigate.

Meanwhile, Kat is up to her armpits in animal care. Alongside the dog rescued from the coastal edge, is a python, horse, and a rather neglected Pomeranian. Then there’s Tiny; can her cat be sheep scaring? Kat does not believe it!

The reach of this case is beyond Bluebell Bay. What does the son of a Far Eastern physician have to do with Harper’s father’s discovery? Why would Hollywood stars visit small Bluebell Bay? Who would want to steal a dinosaur tooth?

The pace, drama, plot and impact of ‘Kat Wolfe Takes the Case’ are vigorous and absorbing. As with the Laura Marlin stories, I am convinced by Kat Wolfe. The Wolfe and Lambe series is a truly satisfying selection, recommended highly to our readers.


Kat Wolfe Takes the Case

Lauren St John

illustrated by Daniel Deamo

(Pan Macmillan)

‘Kat Wolfe Takes the Case’ offers readers a welcome return to Bluebell Bay. While the Dorset coast is known for its fossils, these are not on Kat’s mind when she embarks on the perilous rescue of a small dog. How can this inspire a series of bizarre events? A prehistoric shark? The arrival of Hollywood movie stars? What does Bluebell Bay have to do with the threat to the life of a boy thousands of miles away?


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