Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler


Kate cannot believe what she catches in the fishing competition, Miss Custard. While Dad’s winning this competition alongside every other one aboard deck, Kate’s hooking…. an old diary? However this is not any old diary. It seems Kate’s discovered the diary of C.A. Bloom, intrepid explorer, lured by The Call of the Silver Wibbler.

While evidence of this bird is scarce, Bird Brigade member Bertie, aboard Miss Custard, is determined the bird exists. However, how might he prove this, when his commander, Captain Hornbill, bans any mention of the bird, and denies it entirely! What’s more Bertie faces the Captain’s ire at every turn and risks being disbanded!

Is it possible Kate and Bertie might follow in the footsteps of C.A. Bloom, albeit secretly? While Bertie is sailing dangerously, Kate’s aware she’s a deadline for a writing commission from her idol Catherine Rodriguez. However how can writing a food review of a horrid new mayonnaise compare with the possibility of verifying the existence of a scarcely seen bird?

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this new title from Hannah Peck, a subsequent adventure for Kate and Rupert that follows Kate on the Case. The Call of the Wibbler is clever, fast-paced, witty and thoroughly enjoyable. We recommend it highly.

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Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler

Hannah Peck


Although Kate’s commissioned to write ‘a food review for The Lookout Post, by commission of her One True Idol, Catherine Rodríguez’, her heart’s not in it. It’s not only the fact that the piece is about Captain Mustard’s new mayonnaise and features an extraordinary amount of shrimp. It’s also that there’s the distraction of the Bird Brigade.
While Dad’s busy winning shrimp prizes at each of the ship’s on board competitions, Kate’s hooking nothing until.. What might C.A. Bloom’s diary reveal? It’s appearance in Kate’s fishing cage is a turn up for the books. Then again, it seems to suggest clues as to the whereabouts of a mythical bird. Is it possible that Kate might have discovered a more interesting subject than her commission? Then again, how can she work with the Bird Brigade when their captain denies the existence of this bird? All evidence in the diary suggests The Call of the Silver Wibbler is a valid cause! What will happen if Kate’s able to organise an expedition that follows the trail of Bloom’s journey? Then again, what might they discover?
Bookwagon is delighted to return to Kate and Rupert and a new adventure that follows from Kate on the Case. Like that title, The Call of the Wibbler is ingenious, action-packed and full of character and imagination. What’s more, we’ve the intricate illustrations of writer Hannah Peck to pore over, too. All in all, this is a very satisfying addition to any chapter book reader’s reading shelf!


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