Katie the Kitten


Katie the Kitten might sleep quietly all day, anywhere in the house. Thereafter, she might seem very bright-eyed and sleek and soft. However, it seems that at night, she goes exploring. What’s more, she’s unperturbed by the barking of dogs or hooting of owls. Katie is aiming for a wall, where she might join the other cats to howl, or sing, miaowing across the neighbourhood.

Alongside, an impeccably realised setting of washing machines and back gardens, with an alert ginger heroine, Axel Scheffler offers an endearing rhyming story. Furthermore, there are tabs to pull and push and turn, which offer further depth and meaning to this lovely book.

Bookwagon recommends Katie the Kitten to our newest readers, keen to share stories, participate, recite and start a love of reading.

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Katie the Kitten

Axel Scheffler

(Campbell Books)- board book

Katie the Kitten is ‘sleek‘ and ‘shiny‘. It seems that during daytime hours she sleeps anywhere in the house. However at nighttime, she ‘creeps- on the prowl’ without being fearful of barking or hooting. What might she be keen to do? We might predict or even peek ahead!
It seems this cat scrambles ‘up on the rooftops‘ to sing and ‘miaow all night long‘ with her friends! We watch her peep over busy walls of colour and detail and action.
Not only is there an entrancing rhyme in this fascinating board book, but tabs to pull and turn. Therefore, we can peek up on the wall as our cat does. What’s more we can explore her sleeping places. Axel Scheffler encourages participation in the text and the movement of his warm, inviting early reader. It follows his series including Gobbly Goat and Higgly Hen ideally.
Thereafter, Bookwagon recommends Katie the Kitten as a delightful addition to the bookshelves and reading experiences of babies and newer readers. Not only are they likely to attend, recite, predict and love the routines of Katie the Kitten, but they will delight in the activity, too.


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